enter the sandbox

What do I mean by a “sandbox” game?

  1. Expect no overarching DM-contrived metaplot. Clues to mysteries, both current and historical, will certainly be scattered about, but there is no imperative for the PCs to do any particular thing.
  1. The story is about what the players do. Their focus is the center of the campaign.
  1. Stuff happens even when the PCs aren’t there to see it. Not only does the gameworld march on, I will devise (logical) consequences for PC actions.

For maximum enjoyment as a player, here’s a couple of pointers:

  • Have a goal for your character, and be ready to act whenever opportunities present themselves, in order to further that goal. A simple (or grandiose) ambition will do, as long as your PC keeps working toward it.
  • If a foe or challenge looks too lethal, it may very well be. In the absence of a script, avoiding no-win situations is left solely to your informed judgment. There is no prophecy plot-net guaranteeing your PC’s survival.

enter the sandbox

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