life in exile

Seven years ago, a failed ritual with a mysterious artifact tore apart half a city and transported about 5,000 people to what seems to be a completely different world.

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After many tribulations, the population has stabilized at around 900, dwelling in and beneath a mountain fastness they have named Shorn.

Though they cannot return through the gateway which brought them here, the homeworld is able to send things through to them: raw materials, supplies and the occasional volunteer who comes through to help. Understanding that this is a one-way trip, many of these travellers are either running from something or have hope that someone taken in the original disaster survived and may still be alive on this side.

Though Shorn has sent a few exploration expeditions into the surrounding wilderness, only now are they settled enough to serve as a secure base of operations for the bold adventurers. Namely, you.

life in exile

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