epic at 6th level

the short spiel

Characters (PCs and NPCs alike) cap out at 6th level in terms of Hit Dice, skill ranks, spells and so forth. They continue to gain feats though, including epic feats that grant them some of the options a slightly higher level character would eventutally receive.

This allows characters to become heroes beyond what a common peasant could ever hope to attain, without ever taking off the edge of danger that makes the game exciting.

This article provides a more detailed explanation of Epic-6.

Advancement Table

Level XP Required1
1 0
2 1,250
3 4,000
4 8,500
5 15,500
6 25,500
per epic feat + 5,000

1 Beginning PCs start with 250 XP. In the event of death, your next character starts with 2/3 the XP total accrued by your fallen character.

epic at 6th level

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